The time I've started playing underwater rugby live broadcast of the world championship even was a big deal. We knew the organisers weren't given horrible sums (or any, most of the time) of money by any goverment, sponsor or federation, it was their own joint effort which made it possible. At that time it meant that you were trying to scout large chunks of human-like pixels moving in a big blue blurryness. But as technology evolved quickly, the work of underwater rugby players dedicated to their sport allows us nowdays to watch intense action in decent quality.

Yet I would say we have a long way to go. Who could set the standard for delivering the depths of a 3D action sport to those who would watch modern day's gladiators? The beauty of underwater rugby calls for high definition cameras.

So far I've seen the best were the windows on the pool's wall in Wien. The second best solution was also there :


GoPros in a homemade casing with external batteries and an insanely long HDMI cable.

They function well, although a stronger PC would be required for sure. But it also makes me wish for a professional system even more. Sponsors wanted!

Just imagine Euroleague in full HD...

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