We were honored to play against the professional water polo team RacioNet Honvéd. After explaining the rules, the gear and the basic tactics, we’ve sent in an underwater ref and two snorkeling cameramen to show you the action.

We had no idea what to expect as they are top ranked polo athletes, but the calculated breathing of UWR turned out to be a bit larger challenge than we thought. Still they had great fitness, cool moves and very good awareness of each other. They even managed to score which you can also see in the video. The friendly game ended 6:1 in favor of UWR Tiszavirág SE, but what matters more is that everyone enjoyed it. The polo players liked it, and recommended it to everyone.

We owe thanks to Najade Fins, Muréna Fins and Olympus for granting us films and cameras!


This is the most viewed Hungarian TV channel’s report of the event.


Tiszavirág is actually the mayfly which is creates the unique phenomenom called the blooming of the Tisza river.

Picture from below and above can be found in this Facebook album.

2016.01.23-án a sportág történetében először profi vízipóló csapat játszott barátságos mérkőzést az első magyar vízirö...

Posted by Víz Alatti Rögbi ( UWR ) Magyarország on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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